Give the Gift of HOPE to Domestic Violence Survivors & their Children 

HOPE Fund provides financial assistance for an immediate safety need to remove economic barriers to safety for domestic violence survivors and their children. The number one reason why a domestic violence survivor stays or returns to an abusive relationship is due to not having the financial resources to escape towards rebuilding their lives and independence.

To be eligible to make a referral to the HOPE Fund, please consider our guidelines: 

  • Community Partner Agencies and Organizations throughout San Diego region who provide direct services to domestic violence survivors & their families are eligible to submit requests to the HOPE Fund.

  • Requests are made by email ONLY by a professional who is working directly with the survivor.

  • HOPE Fund is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to help survivors of domestic violence survivors and their children with immediate safety need.

  • A request must be based on safety for an urgent need that no other resource is able to support.

  • Funds are not to be used for general financial circumstances or financial security. 

  • Recipient of the HOPE Fund understands Operation For HOPE Foundation asks for the HOPE Fund to be repaid when the time is right for them. By paying back the fund, the recipient is in turn helping to keep the HOPE alive as all repayment will go to provide HOPE Funds to benefit domestic violence survivors who are in-need. 

HOPE Fund requests are generally in the range of $50-$350.00 on average.

Funds are distributed directly to a vendor on behalf of domestic violence survivor.  

Recipients must be represented by/vouched for by a representative from a social service program or agency and/or a first responder agency.  

High-risk assistance can be funded within an hour. Generally, most funds are issued within 24 – 48 hours.

If the person in-need meets our guidelines, please send an email explaining their needs and why they meet our criteria to: HOPE Fund, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


  to the HOPE Fund!

Giving the Gift of HOPE to Youth

The Operation for HOPE Foundation Youth Fund supports youth working for positive social change; helping youth launch progressive responses and projects within their schools and/or communities to break cycles of family violence.

Youth leaders who recognize the need to create positive social change by taking a strong stand against family violence are encouraged to apply for financial assistance from the Operation for HOPE Foundation. Interested youth need to complete the Youth HOPE Fund Application. The application requires information on how you will embrace your proposed planned activities at your school or organization.

The Youth HOPE Fund focuses on the prevention of family violence; improvements to the awareness of this issue, improvements to the services needed for individuals seeking services, resources/programs/care available immediately and long term for family members who want to break the cycle of violence. 

To receive the application and guidelines, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can schedule a telephone interview and then proceed accordingly.

Operation For HOPE Foundation Youth HOPE Fund also provides Sponsorship Opportunities to youth exposed to violence who are in need of assistance. Affording youth to participate in a variety of programs with trained professionals that encourage youth to broaden their environment, build on their trust and courage, to develop positive relationships, gain higher self-worth and to promote learning new skills. HOPE Sponsorship Opportunities show youth that they’re loved and inspire them to dream and reach for the stars!