HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS defined by elementary and middle school students

“Healthy Relationships” by Brian

Friendship is a bond of respect and trust. A friend is a person that will be there in bad and good times. A friend is like a brother or sister. He or she is like an advisor.

Community is to build and improve relationships by helping neighbors through harsh times. To better your community you can volunteer and keep your community clean.

Respect – Many relations in our communities have violence. Things we can do to improve our communities: Respect the community, respect each other, do not discriminate, be a good role model, and help each other.

Family - Being a part of family is: being a role model to your brothers and sisters, friendship, unity, and most important is respecting one another. Your family is your purpose in life, and people you can trust 24/7. Family always want you to succeed to the fullest and helps you realize reality in life, they can teach you the importance of communication among your siblings. And Family also helps you confront the difficulties in life.

There are communities everywhere and it’s up to us to make it a good place for young and a safe place for you and your family!

“Healthy Relationships” by Chase

How can you be a good classmate, friend, or team player? Help them with whatever they want and treat them with respect.

One way you show support of your family is by being responsible for your own actions.

The way you can show respect to a teacher, your parents, the community and the environment is by not littering and by picking up after yourself and picking up trash.

By Joshua

You can be a good classmate, friend, team player by being honest, respectful, caring and friendly. When you are honest, people trust you. When you are friendly you make good friends.

“Healthy Relationships” by Tyler

The secrets to building a good and healthy relationship are to keep the respect of your partner, friend, and parents close. The way I keep a healthy relationship with my mom is by talking with her. The second way I keep a healthy relationship with my mom is by spending time with her.

With my friends, I keep a good relationship by paying attention to him and by spending time together. I do not put him down or talk about him behind his back. This is how I get friends and keep them.

The last type of relationship I am going to talk about is an ‘anger’ relationship. The way you keep a relationship going with a bully is by paying attention to what they say. A second way you keep the relationship going with a bully is by retaliating to what they say or do. The last but not the least way you keep the relationship going with a bully is by fighting with them or by getting pulled into what they say or do. 

Hopefully with this information, you can prevent or get rid of ‘the bullies’ in your life and embrace the healthy relationships that have unlimited powers.

“Healthy Relationships” by Anna

Building healthy relationships improves teenagers with their own self esteem. Three ways it helps teenagers are the community, environment and also your friends. Not only will healthy relationships help the community, but it will also help me mature into a young adult. Building healthy relationships also helps a person grow internally.

In the community I can build a healthy relationship by helping others with their problems. One example is helping people with crossing the streets. Another example is helping out my family with stuff that they need help with. The last example is opening the door for many different people.

In the environment I can build healthy relationship by picking up after other people. I can also help the environment by respecting the community. I way I respect the community is by respecting people in the community.

Friends can build healthy relationships by respecting each other. Also you could have sportsmanship when you are playing a sport. Friends could also help people with their problems. The problems could be their family problems.

Healthy relationships aren’t hard to make as long as you have good communication skills. Young adults are mature enough as long as they are able to respectful. They could be respectful by being nice, generous, and also by helping many different people with school work.

“Healthy Relationships” by Sarah

Three examples of a healthy relationship are: respect others and treat them how you would treat yourself, encourage people and show them the right path, and be nice and forgive people even if they are the ones who have been bad.

Some ways you can be a good classmate or friend is by: helping people, giving them good advice, and treating them with special things.

Ways you can show support of a family member are by: listening, giving them a helping hand, and protecting them.

Ways you show respect to your teacher, parents, or environment are: cleaning up outside even if you did not make the mess, listening, doing your work and finishing what the teacher assigns you, and try to provide those who support you with whatever they need.

“Healthy Relationships” by Alberto

We are the world. We are the building blocks of this world. The world is a puzzle and it needs families to build communities within these small communities. Inside these communities lie numerous things we need to keep strong and healthy. For example, RESPECT and HOPE are two things that we need. Without respect and hope families and communities will be weak and be destroyed. Having hope makes up think beyond what is right before us in making the world even better than it is.

“Healthy Relationships” by a 7th Grade Class

STOP, THINK and choose the most respectful way.

•  Be grateful, show appreciation and compliment people.
•  Include others.
•  Treat people you don’t like better, be bigger.
•  Support and stand up for the rights of others.
•  Respect the opinions with which you disagree.
•  Confront a problem directly: teach, don’t tattle or yell.
•  Respect the property of others.
•  Take responsibility for your actions; and make positive changes.
•  Accept and offer apologies sincerely and specifically.
•  Get over insecurities by accepting yourself.