“Handmade Blankets Gifted to DV Shelters”

Benefiting Children of Domestic Violence Survivors

throughout the San Diego Region

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 We are gifting blankets to benefit twenty families of domestic violence

who have courageously left their homes in seeking safety.

In collaboration, families will be selected by domestic violence shelter and support

agencies throughout San Diego.

These beautiful heartfelt blankets were donated and handcrafted

by several women from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

in Poway, California.

Advocates, case managers and domestic violence professionals are invited to come forward throughout the San Diego region to receive a blanket on behalf of a family in-need. (No identifying information to be shared).  Rather, please do share words of HOPE on how the blanket will benefit the family receiving. Once a blanket is claimed, Operation For HOPE Foundation will contact the agency to make necessary arrangements on behalf of the selected family.    

hope blanket - heres a hug 1 


On Monday, January 13, we posted the first blanket to our Facebook Page. 

After each blanket is claimed, a new blanket will be posted until 20 blankets find their new homes.

Domestic violence survivors and their children often flee with only the clothes on their backs. Items such as blankets or other personal items are the last to be considered when seeking safety. The brightly colored handmade blankets provide domestic violence survivor's children with a glimmer of hope that another kind of life is possible as they begin to rebuild their lives.

Together, we are making a difference and filling families hearts with HOPE.



claimed by the San Diego Family Justice Center for domestic violence survivor! 

 sdfjc hope blanket - heres a hug 1


Advocates, case managers and domestic violence professionals

are invited to come forward...

Blanket #2 - "Nothing Can Stop Me!" 

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 nothing can stop me_ blanket 2